For centuries now, opera has been telling the stories of the human experience. The good, the bad, the funny and the sad, all told through the music of some of the best composers the world has ever known. We’ve come together in theatres around the world to revel in works of art that explore the topics of our time, and we continue to experience those human stories every time we return to the opera house. We’ve got an opportunity to this again with the opera Dead Man Walking. Read more →

A Moment of Reflection on Eight

Yesterday morning, I started receiving emails from contacts on LinkedIn (a platform I rarely use) congratulating me on my anniversary. Being right in the middle of the busiest part of our season, for a minute I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I remembered that it's the beginning of February, and I just passed my eighth year at Townsend Opera in Modesto. That caught me completely off guard, not only because I forgot the beginning of February is when I started this journey, but also because I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEN EIGHT YEARS! It has gone by in... Read more →

Anthony Tommasini gets it right

If you pay attention to the classic music world at all, you saw that the New York Philharmonic named their next music director, who will replace departing music director Alan Gilbert in 2017. It was an important decision for the NY Phil, as the new music director has to lead them through two years outside their concert hall, which is undergoing major renovation in a couple years. And many are concerned that the new music director won't continue the more progressive and adventurous programming of his predecessor, which has been quite successful. Anthony Tommasini, in his coverage of the announcement,... Read more →